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Mercury, Comet, Caliente, 1966

June 2009



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Jun. 5th, 2009

Mercury, Comet, Caliente, 1966

Zune HD >.>

Ok I'll admit to being gadget happy, I want one of these: http://zuneinsider.com/archive/2009/05/26/zune-coming-to-xbox-zune-hd-realized-what-a-day.aspx

Mercury, Comet, Caliente, 1966

Pre-Work Thoughts *Warning Work Drama*

Must have forgotten to charge my mouse last week, its little red led is flashing at me warning of a low battery charge....

So before I go into every morning I find myself having various thoughts run through my head.  most of late have fallen to one of your drivers as well as our parts picker.  The driver in question is our "express" driver, going from building to building (keep in mind our regular drivers are based out of our warehouse that's a mile and a half away, most of the orders come from the main dealership building plus we have a dedicated VW shop down the block).  These two have to work very closely together to make the way we do things work.  Seems the trick is finding two people who can work closely without getting on each others nerves.

Our current picker is just a kid, can't even drink yet, and I don't know if that creates a bit of tension with the much older express driver.  Part of me feels that maybe the picker has had too much responsibility thrown at him too soon.  He was a transfer from Service, and now he's right in the middle of a rather large parts department.  The thing is, he doesn't really seem to take it seriously.  Neither one of em do I think.  I've seen this before, it's just a matter of time before we have to let one or both of them go and start again.  My boss the parts manager doesn't like to fire people, but he will if he can give a plausible reason, despite the fact we all signed an "at will employment" paper when we signed on.  *sigh* On the other hand I just sometimes he'd do what needs to be done and get on with things...

Jun. 4th, 2009

Mercury, Comet, Caliente, 1966

New to This Whole LJ Thing...>.>

So I decided that I really should, finally make use of this LJ account i singed up for.  Mostly keeping it around so i can peek in on a couple of my friends' journals, yet decided it's only fair I put my guts out there too. :)  Dunno how often I'll update, maybe just when I feel like it.  Just don't be surprised if there's a ton of time between postings...

So where to start....

All in all I can't say too many bad things, most of my issues at this point are work drama.  :P  I'm planning on digging into restoring a classic car I've been keeping around for the better part of...wow..ten years.  A 1966 Comet Caliente (see user pic, though mine isn't anywhere close to being that clean yet).  It's mostly all there, needs a ton of body work, some parts replaced, and could use more than a bit of work on the chassis as well.  Big project, with no real rush. :)  The hard part is I get to do this all outside since I don't have a garage to do it in....oh joy.  Am I crazy?  Yeah most likely.

I'm contemplating explaining my work drama.  Maybe later, after I've had the chance to process it a bit.

Not sure what else to say at this point, so I'll call it here.  Thanks for viewing.